- music for sound divers & baptism-ceremonies -
2010 + 2012
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"Midsummer" - Complete - over 65 Minutes - 8 Tracks - 8,00 Euro
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Picture Palace music - Midsummer´s Day 2012 EM-Edition  - 6.12min - 1,-€
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Picture Palace music

- music for sound divers & baptism-ceremonies -


Chill Crystal Zone
Sascha Beator : Synthesizer
Thorsten Quaeschning : Guitars, Synthesizer
Kai Hanuschka : Drums
Djirre : Guitars
Stephen Mortimer : Guitars

Midsummer´s Eve
Sascha Beator : Synthesizer, Percussion
Thorsten Quaeschning : Synthesizer, Percussion, Guitars
Djirre : Guitars
Vincent Nowak : Drums
Stephen Mortimer : Guitars

Midsummer´s Morning
Thorsten Quaeschning : Piano, Synthesizer
Juergen Heidemann : Sound-Stone

Midsummer´s Day
Thorsten Quaeschning : Synthesizer, Guitars, Vocoder, Vocals, Percussion, Vuvuzela
Djirre : Guitars, Vocoder, Vocals
Kai Hanuschka : Drums, Percussion, Vocals

Seduction Crossing
Thorsten Quaeschning : Synthesizer, Lapsteel, Tubular Bells

Right of Ascension
Sascha Beator : Synthesizer
Thorsten Quaeschning : Synthesizer, Guitars, Drums
Djirre : Guitars
Kai Hanuschka : Drums
Stephen Mortimer : Guitars

Drowning someone´s sorrow into the ocean pt. I, II & III
Thorsten Quaeschning : Synthesizer, Guitars, Boomwhackers
Juergen Heidemann : Sound-Stones, Stones, Vocals, Boomwhackers

Midsummer´s Night
Sascha Beator : Synthesizer
Thorsten Quaeschning : Vocoder, Guitars, Synthesizer
Vincent Nowak : Drums


Mastered by
Bjorn Sjollruud

Photos by:
Tim Pullen, Thorsten Quaeschning & Sascha Beator

Artwork by:
Gynt Beator & Thorsten Quaeschning

Produced by
Thorsten Quaeschning

Recorded in 2010 at
Townend Studios (Berlin), Klangwolke (Berlin), OrBeat-Studios (Berlin), Eastgate-Studios (Vienna), Village-Church (Qualitz)

Thanks to:
Thorsten Spiller, Felix Rueckert, Susanna Maria Sellin, Fabian Sellin,
Vincent deQuiram, Ronald Becker, Chris Hausl, Mirko Rizzello, Corinna Siefke, AnT, Sebastian Schwind
Gabriela Berger, Marian Kankowski, Timothy Grossmann, Manikin Electronic,
Aurora Nova, Edgar Froese, Bernhard Beibl, Gerd(sch) Palkovisch, Annett Themsfeldt, Pint, Uwe Zelt, Zdislaw G. (Kostrinella), Schuetzler-Family

Special thanks to
"The I Wonder"

Thorsten Quaeschning:
Synthesizer, Piano, Guitars, Percussion, Vocoder, Vocals, Vuvuzella, Lapsteel, Tubular Bells, Boomwhackers

Sascha Beator:
Synthesizer, Percussion

Kai Hanuschka:
Drums, Percussion, Vocals

Vincent Nowak:

Guitars, Vocoder, Vocals

Juergen Heidemann:
Sound-Stone, Stones, Vocals, Boomwhackers

Stephen Mortimer:

01) Chill Crystal Zone
02) Midsummer´s Eve
03) Midsummer´s Morning
04) Midsummer´s Day
05) Seduction Crossing
06) Right of Ascension
07) Drowning someone´s sorrow into the ocean pt. I
08) Drowning someone´s sorrow into the ocean pt. II
09) Drowning someone´s sorrow into the ocean pt. III
10) Midsummer´s Night

PPm celebrating a wonderful summer sun-worshipping the solstice and the associated famous white nights and blue hours.
Vuvuzelas as an essential part of this particular summer will be heard as well as the beautiful noise of sound-stones.
So join us having a trip through the whole gamut of emotions regarding/reflecting this eventful year - 2010.